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Property Videos (Virtual Tours) Showreel 2020/2021

 Full Example Property Video

(2 Bedroom Penthouse Flat)

Having a virtual video tour of your property is vital to make it stand out on todays ever-competetive market, even more so with the social distancing restrictions implimented by COVID-19. 

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Can be filmed in <30 minutes (no. of rooms dependant)

  • Covers all angles of the house - no blind spots!

  • On screen text indicating which room is which

  • Chronoligcal editing showing you rooms in the order you would see naturally

  • Camera stabalisation eliminating shaky, amatuer looking footage

  • Upbeat (but not distracting) background music

  • Lettings agency branding optional

  • 1-man camera crew with PPE - covid friendly!

virtual tour filming.PNG
virtual tour filming 2.PNG

Ready to take your property to the next level with video?