Our Work

Otto House Coffee Shop

This is a short promotional video made for Otto House, a coffee shop and t-shirt printing studio in Winton, Bournemouth. It was filmed in a portrait format to best suit mobile phone displays, as the client has a large social media following and we wanted to utilize this! Being actively promoted on their Instagram channel (@ottohouseuk) it has now accumilated over 40,000 views and counting.

South Coast Makers Market

Our aim for this promotional video was to capture the energy and vibrancy of this local makers market into a < 60-second video, perfect for distribution on social media channels. We filmed this using handheld gimbals in order to give the viewer a feel as if they were actually walking around the market, and the added details of future events at the end of the video as a call to action to get involved.

Beyond RX

Beyond RX is a fitness brand specialising in weighted vests for training. As their main audience and traffic is from Instagram, we decided that they would benefit more from shorter video content (<10 secs) and stills - over a standard promotional video. In 3 hours of shooting we managed to capture enough content to last them 2-3 months worth of social media posts. 

BeyondRXPic (HWM)-9.jpg
BeyondRXPic (HWM)-5.jpg

Dover Eurochange

Needing to spread the word of their re-opening, Dover Eurochange asked for our help. The function of this video was to deliver new information about the opening times of this storefront, which was achieved through the combination of video footage at the shop, with overlayed text explaining these new changes.

Dover Digital Pride

With the COVID-19 pandemic stopping all large social gatherings, Dover Digital Pride was born. Our job was to facilitate the celebration of pride in Dover, by creating engaging social media content that can be shared amongst the community and celebrated with a large audience. Over just one weekend we produced over 20 individual videos for social media distribution alongside countless Instagram-worthy pictures.

White Mill Farm Shop

Looking to update their online presence, White Mill Farm shop was captured on video to highlight the farm shop's range of inventory, alongside the family-run charm. This landscape style video is perfect for a website landing page to immediately explain who you are and what you do without heavy bodies of text to put potential customers off. 

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